Friday, February 13, 2015

Game Limbo got to Android – Ferra

One of the most atmospheric platformer modernity, made in black and white game «Limbo», a few years ago had time to visit the iOS, finally reached and Android-devices. Now anyone can be a gamer to buy «Limbo» on the appropriate page on Google Play for 150 rubles, that for a game of this class is relatively inexpensive.

 «Limbo» tells the story of a nameless young man wandering in the black-and-white world in search of his missing sister. In wanderings he will meet with the most attractive and nightmarish creatures of nature, embodied in the form of a game. Exciting and atmospheric adventure lasting a few hours you provided.

Out «Limbo» on Android shows that iOS-exclusives remains less and less, their number decreases rapidly at times. At this rate, in a few years exclusives for Android will be outweighed the add for iOS.


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