Thursday, February 26, 2015

BlackBerry Google will make the Android platform more secure –

Until then, si BlackBerry cooperation with representatives of the Android camp was reduced to working with Samsung to create a secure environment for corporate users who prefer to operate personal smartphones for business purposes. However, as reported by Reuters , this week BlackBerry announced a new partnership with Google to integrate the recently introduced platform Android for Work with your solutions like BES12. This immediately caused a rise in the share price on the BlackBerry 4,3%.

The platform Android for Work aims to divide the inner “space” in the smartphone business and personal. The first will be able to access the network administrator of the employer, but to intrude into the second sphere they will be banned. Gaining popularity the concept of “bring to work their” forced Google to release a dedicated solution for corporate clients. Russian as modern folklore inclined to describe very different trends: “I do not work on a guest will take away at least a nail”, “swept through our checkpoint and your own mother” …

Google also announced the cooperation in the field of integration of Android for Work with software developers such as SAP, Samsung and SOTI. Obviously, these steps Google is pushing closer alliance of Apple and IBM. At each quarterly conference management Apple announces new “victory” in the fight for corporate clients, so infinitely long withstand this pressure Google would not be able to.


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