Friday, February 13, 2015

Battle “Titans”: Android Lollipop compared with iOS 8 – Russian newspaper

The company’s experts Crittercism, collecting data on mobile applications, compared the performance of two operating systems – Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8. Conclusion not please fans of the products Apple: Android was more stable.

It clarifies ZDNet, in Lollipop, according to researchers, failures occurred in two percent launches applications, and iOS 8 – 2.2 percent. At the same time, Crittercism claims that the previous version of iOS 7 failures have occurred in 1.9 percent of cases, and Android KitKat “sinned” with a periodicity of 2.6 percent.

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Ibtimes explains that the reasons why it is not working applications , very different: it is, in particular, and the operating system, and the lack of memory devices. At the same time, Apple’s gadgets themselves still become more perfect: in the iPhone 4S, 5S and 5 failures occurred in 3.57 percent of cases, in the iPhone 6 this figure, after the model was found to be 2.63 per cent, while for iPhone 6 Plus – already 2.11 percent. Thus, the application crashes in iOS 8, there were almost twice as much as in iOS 7.

The fact that “some errors” in the literal sense, overdue, and recognize at Apple. Recently, the media voiced the news that the main features of iOS 9 will not be adding new content, and, mainly, the optimization of the operating system and to maintain the stability of its work. In recent years, each new release iOS accompanied by analysis of defects that directly affect the operation of devices. Therefore priority will be given to the restoration of quality.

Let’s remind, iOS 9 is likely to be presented in June at the international conference for developers WWDC 2015, and its presentation may take place this fall.


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