Thursday, February 12, 2015

Instant: counter use Android – BBC News

Google Play Store added a new version of the software Instant, which provides useful statistics on the use of the operating system Android. The counter keeps track of almost everything that you want – how much time you have given a particular program, how many times unlock the smartphone, as long sat at a meeting, etc.

From the unique Instant 2.0 distinguishes integration with Google Fit – a platform for developers, which gathers together all the information on the activity of man: how he walked, ran, rode a bike, etc. Statistics on the use of Android, accumulated Instant, is transmitted to the application Google Fit, where she appears in a readable form.

Instant can calculate, for example, how much time you sat behind the wheel of a car or doing exercise, as long corresponded on Facebook or talked on the phone / Skype, how many steps did the whole day.

If you find that you enter in” VKontakte “too often, the program will help protect from overuse social network by setting a limit on the number of visits. In case of exceeding the daily limit Instant will display a reminder or notice.

Instant lets people learn more about themselves and their habits. Learning is not much time did they spend on the road, or listen to music, users can “balanced lifestyle”, say the developers. The program is also useful for parents who want to know whether the child is not abused Android-Gadget.

Source: Instant (Google Play)


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