Saturday, February 28, 2015

Google announced the platform Android for Work – Computer Information Portal

Despite the fact that the Android operating system has a dominant share in the consumer smartphone market, Google has not paid much attention to adapt the system to the needs of corporate users. In the platform ecosystem existed alternative implementations of Samsung (SaFE KNOX), Motorola Solutions (Mx) and other companies, but now search the corporation decided to correct this defect and to provide a universal solution – Android for Work (AfW).

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The new product is probably not a software solution, and the whole platform uniting device manufacturers, application developers and suppliers of centralized management class Enterprise Mobility. The basis for Android for Work will be version Lollipop, who, according to Google, significant improvements in the security and management policies. However, for older smartphones and tablets, controlled by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, will be issued a special application, which will become part of Google Play Services and allow the transfer of the functionality on older versions of the system. Thus, IT-departments of the organization will be able to create a separate area on the devices employees, which can be placed confidential information and maintain internal corporate correspondence, plan events in the framework of common platforms for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes and use any compatible application. For control applications, a special control panel Google Play for Work, which will use the standard application catalog Play Store, but IT-departments will be able to control which applications you can put an employee and what will be in the black list.

Platform Support in centralized management (EMM) will provide not only Google with its decision Apps for Business, but also the company’s Blackberry (Enterprise Server), VMWare (Airwatch), SAP and Citrix. On the part of device manufacturers signed an agreement with Google company Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Motorola Mobility, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony. According to regulations of Google, will provide several options for release devices – AfW-compatible, which may include and consumer electronic gadgets and AfW-certified, which will be designed to the needs of the corporate market, so fans of smartphones with keyboards may be hope for the revival of form- Android-factor side sliders, which are somewhere in 2012. On a variety of platform solutions already working company Adobe, Box, Citrix, Salesforce and others. Android for Work platform is now available for deployment in the corporate environment, but Google promises that the next time will be made addit ional announcements, including the conference Google I / O, which will host workshops for developers with recommendations for the creation of safe, reliable and flexible applications. According to analysts, Google although growing in the corporate market, but the customer is no high confidence in the search Corporation, preferring instead to work with Apple and Blackberry Mobile direction and with Microsoft – in-patient. But according to experts, the dominant position of Android can greatly simplify the task of Google to convince customers to start cooperation. However, this same fact can cause issues and regulatory agencies with an interest in the various activities of the corporation.


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