Thursday, February 26, 2015

Android for Work – safe set of tools for business users – News Hi-Tech

Google is held in San Francisco press conference where introduced Android for Work – a set of technologies that allow corporations to provide their employees with the opportunity to use Android without fear of data leakage.

For the first time on Android for Work was discussed in last year’s developer conference I / O. According to the head of this project, Rajiv Seth, Android for Work – incredibly complex product. In its development and support involved not only Google, but several third-party organizations. Until recently, Android for Work program was open only to a limited number of organizations, but in the near future access to it will be open to all comers. The platform is quite flexible – for example, Google will allow companies to decide which applications can use the staff, and what does not.

Applications related to work user profile, will be marked with a special icon, but they will be able to work as well as and the other, except that their operation will be controlled by IT-department of the organization.

The main idea of ​​Android for Work is that employees can use one device as applications designed for ordinary users, so and corporate. In this case, user’s personal data is kept separate from the workers.

The goal of Google – to convince the IT departments of large corporations in the possibility of safe use of devices based on Android. In the near future Goole launch multiple applications for corporate users will open the store Google Play for Work and ensure compatibility tools Android for Work with relatively old smartphones and tablets (with Android version of Ice Cream Sandwich and above). Android Lollipop initially compatible with Android for Work.

Among the partners of Google in this program – SAP, Citrix, Cisco, Motorola, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Concur, Adobe and Salesforce. These companies have access to the service API and can already distinguish between their applications access to your personal and business information.

In the short term, Google wants to increase the number of Android-smartphone, used by corporations, and long-term plans to introduce in all Android areas of business.


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