Monday, February 23, 2015

US Court of monopolization Android does not affect the price – Mobiltelefon.Ru

The US court dismissed a lawsuit against Google, in which buyers Android-smartphone company was accused of monopolizing Android. In their view, the major manufacturers of smartphones, such as Samsung, pressure mounted on the search giant’s services its products Google, rather than their alternatives. Thus, users are deprived of choice – use your smartphone with the software Google or save them. That is, the company prevents competition, which leads to higher prices. Judge Beth Labson Freeman did not agree with such a logical chain: we can not assert that the rise in smartphones is precisely because of the limitations prescribed in contracts with producers of Google. Prices can influence and are influenced by many o ther factors. Plaintiffs in three weeks should be reformulated statement, otherwise they will have to pay court costs.

This trial – not the only thing in which Google is trying to punish him for monopolization Android. The year before, Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle called on the Commission to separate the platform from searching Google. This claim supported “Yandex”, the investigation continues. Itself “Yandex” has filed another lawsuit – in Russian Antimonopoly Service. The creators of the Russian search engine unhappy that Google does not allow Russian companies to put their applications on Android-smartphone.


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