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archive support implemented in many file manager for Android. However, in most cases it is only the basic functions of compressing and decompressing files. Built-in file manager archiver may be too tough for encrypted archive, or, say, a file for the convenience of delivery split into multiple volumes. Those who frequently has to deal with archives, it makes sense to set up a separate application logger. Selection of such programs in Google Play big enough, but not all of them can boast of good functionality and free status. Many applications are only able to extract files, others offer only the basic features for free, demanding money for enhanced functionality. Fortunately, in the long list archives for Android and have notable application, which will be discussed in this review.

«RAR for Android»

Due to the high speed, good compression ratio and multiple functions associated with archiving program WinRar for Windows has become one of the most popular in its class. RAR format is used everywhere, despite the fact that the program for archiving is distributed as shareware. License provides archiver can decompress RAR-file party utilities (including free), but to create files in this format can only use native program for Windows.

At least it was up until that moment when early March Google Play free app appeared «RAR for Android» from the company RARLAB, supports devices with Android 4.0 and above. Unlike numerous archives for the mobile platform, «RAR for Android» makes it possible not only to unpack RAR-archives, but also create them. However, besides this useful feature, the application has many other advantages.

application interface is presented as a simple file manager that displays the files and folders in the internal memory and memory card. Next to each file and folder has information about the date and time of their creation, as well as to highlight the box. «RAR for Android» can perform standard file manager: delete, move and copy files, create new folders.

folders that will be displayed when you start the application, you can specify the settings. Immediately selected collation files and one of the available graphical themes.

file operations can be performed on one or in batch mode. For example, you can select multiple files and unzip them into a single operation. Before unpacking is possible to specify the destination folder, decide what to do with the same files, to determine the order, whether to unpack the way and put the files into subfolders. Once selected settings can be saved by default for further operations.

application supports decompressing files RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ. However, it should be prepared for the fact that not all files will 7z archiver in the teeth. This is due to licensing source 7-Zip. This free archive is licensed under the LGPL, which can not be used in the application «RAR for Android», as it requires to put the source code in the open access RAR. Because of this applies to unpack LZMA SDK, a license that does not have such restrictions, but that does not cope with all the files 7-Zip.

No less interesting and compression functions. The application allows you to quickly pack all files and folders in the current location, without isolating them. To do this, touch the button responsible for the creation of a new archive. Packing parameters are located on the three tabs: you can choose the location of the archive, enter its name, choose one of the supported formats (RAR5, ZIP or RAR 4.x), enter the password for the archive, in order to decide whether to delete files after archiving and whether archive to be continuous. As in WinRAR for Windows, the application can choose the compression level and the value of the dictionary to determine the percentage of data that will be used to restore a backup in case of damage, indicate the need to split the archive into volumes and set the size of each of them, or their number.

If you want to create a separate file for each selected file or folder, it can also be done by selecting the appropriate option. Also worth noting the automatic naming files according to a predetermined mask checking the archives after their creation and use of checksum BLAKE2. Compression settings can be saved as profiles, one of them can be defined for use by default.

addition to creating archives of existing files and have the ability to add files to an existing archive, verify and restore compressed files. In order to view the contents of files, no need to perform any additional actions – application displays them as regular folders. With support for multi-core processors on modern devices, and unpacking, and the compression is fast.

interesting decision in the application interface, which is not immediately pay attention – is the navigation bar. To see it, you need to make a sliding movement to the right of the upper left corner of the screen. With panel convenient to move to folders that are used when working with the application more often. By default, the “Favorites” are included memory card folder and downloads, but you can add there any other directory.


ZArchiver interface is not as intuitive like «RAR for Android», but before using the application window appears with the notes. To select the folder icon to touch her, to see more functions using long press, and if you can not move it to another folder, you simply deselect objects. ZArchiver enables select multiple files and folders.

If the objects in the directory much convenient to use search in a folder or one of the sorting options: by name, type, size, date modified. In application settings, you can select the type of sort, which is the default display mode files (in the form of a list or table), as well as enable the display of file size, date of change, APK file icons and thumbnails.

ZArchiver allows you to create archives 7Z, ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ and TAR. Supported files that can be unpacked, much broader: 7Z, ZIP, RAR (including new rar5), BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR, ARJ, CAB, LZH, LHA, LZMA, XAR, TGZ, TBZ, Z, DEB, RPM, ZIPX, MTZ, CHM, DMG, CPIO, CRAMFS, IMG, WIM, ECM. When creating an archive, you can choose the compression level, password protect, encrypt data and file names. Also supported breaking backup images of a given size and automatically delete files after the operation.

Create compression profile is not provided, but the application parameters can determine the level of compression that will be used by default for different types of archives. You can also manually set the number of cores device that allows you to optimize the speed of the archiver.

for storing archives created using ZArchiver, can be used a separate folder. When this option is enabled in the settings of all new files are placed into it automatically.

Before unpacking the file, you can view its contents (unless, of course, it was not encrypted.) A long press on the name of the archive available quick commands to extract the current folder or in a folder with the same name as the archive. If some of the files with Russian names, ZArchiver displays them correctly, since the application has support for UTF-8 encoding.

B1 Free Archiver

Members preferring all archiver WinRar, can work with the official app «RAR for Android». It is, as we have seen, very comfortable and functional. But fans of the popular archiver WinZip less fortunate. WinZip official app for Android can not boast of any convenience or functionality or speed or stability. Settings to create archives provided in it, support files and 7Zip RAR realized only in the paid version, and to view the archive can take up to several minutes, during which the user is left with no choice but to consider advertising at the bottom of the application window.

When WinZip for Android archives or decompress files, it is unclear how long to wait until the operation is complete – no status indicator is not provided in the application.

therefore to work with ZIP files better to use a third-party application Developer (unless, of course, the aforementioned «RAR for Android» something does not suit – in it, we recall, support ZIP files also implemented). One of the great alternatives – Chinese B1 Free Archiver. The application allows you to create files ZIP, as well as archives in a proprietary format B1. When creating a new archive can be easily changed its name and password protect files. For the B1 format also supports splitting archive into pieces of any size.

However, when it comes to extracting files, B1 Free Archiver shows many more advantages. The application deals with reading and extracting the files from more than 35 types of archive files. Among other supported decompression of password protected files 7Zip, Rar5, multivolume archives popular formats. Before removing the files in the archive, you can view and extract then only some of them. Due to this accelerated work with large files.

File Manager application is provided with a function of rapid transition to frequently used folders, you can add folders to the “Favorites” show hidden files and show only files with the specified extension. In addition, it supports all the basic operations with files and opening files of different types with external applications.

? # Conclusion

Each considered in the review of applications may qualify for the main role of the archiver. All of them allow you to create password-protected archives and excellent job with Russian file names. Which one you choose depends on your preferences. Open format fans surely will attract 7Zip ZArchiver, which, besides, has good speed. To work with ZIP files suitable B1 Free Archiver, which can unpack multivolume archives and supports partial file extraction. In addition, the application supports almost any of the files (over 35 formats). Finally, while the official free application «RAR for Android» proposes the creation of RAR-archives, including a new format RAR5. In addition, the program supports password protection for backups, create a restore point, and many other options to which users are accustomed to the program WinRAR for Windows. It should also be noted that «RAR for Android» only works on devices with Android 4.0 and above, and B1 Free Archiver ZArchiver and will run without problems on older devices with Android 2.x.

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