Thursday, April 17, 2014

Samsung Android Wear and Tizen smartphone will be released this year - Ferra

Senior Vice President of Samsung Product Strategy Team Yoon Han-kil told reporters about some of his plans for the current year. As stated in the second half of this year, the South Korean company is preparing to release a new smart watches, which will be based on the mobile operating system Android.

 Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

However, Samsung intends to promote and own operating system Tizen. Just recently, the company has already released the second generation hours Gear, which are running Tizen, but compatible with some mobile devices on Android. According to Han-kil, his company’s priority now is to develop smart watches, which are compatible with all devices on Android.

And in the second quarter of 2014 Samsung plans to release the first smartphone OS Tizen. Recall that such devices should be available for sale as early as last year, but Samsung has found the current market conditions unsuitable. As for the recently released Galaxy S5, then Khan kil sure that its sales exceed confidently circulation Galaxy S4. In addition, the yield on Gear Tizen not constitute a waiver of the use of the platform Android Wear in the future. It is assumed that the company will introduce a smart watch on Android later this year.

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