Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heartbleed vulnerability found in millions of Android-smartphone - Russian Newspaper

Security Error Heartbleed, which was discovered earlier this month in the packet encryption OpenSSL, applies not Only Web servers and home Internet routers, but smartphones based on operating system Android. This writes Ars Technica, citing a statement to the company Lookout Mobile.

Vulnerability, according to experts, include mobile devices running Android version 4.1.1 and 4.2.2 some modifications from different manufacturers smartphones and tablets. It is not excluded, experts believe that other Android releases may also contain a critical error.

Further, the vulnerability was discovered in the program for messaging BlackBerry operating systems iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows, but developers have released a required update.

Thanks Heartbleed hackers have the ability to retrieve information from memory in smartphones while in a mobile browser opens to a Web page that requires the input of personal data, and in the next tab page opens with malicious code noted in Lookout Mobile. In addition, the extraction of data from RAM and perhaps a simpler way.

total, according to experts, about 34 percent of Android-smartphone can “share” the user information from hackers. According to company estimates IDC, in 2013, sold about 800 smartphone based operating system from Google.

At the same time, as the company says Symantec, users of conventional computer browsers at risk of losing their data because in the most popular of them is used library OpenSSL.

Smartphone owners can download from Google Play special application Heartbleed Detector, determines the presence or absence of a dangerous vulnerability.

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