Thursday, April 24, 2014

XCOM: Enemy Unknown devices became available to users on Android -

Game about the confrontation of aliens present themselves without an invitation to Earth, with the residents of our blue ball, is now available from Google Play . Computer and console versions of the game were published in October 2012, and the version for iOS out early March. And, now everyone can join extermination “eggheads” on the screens of their mobile devices running Android.

The game itself is a” reboot “of the legendary game in 1994, in which the player drops the role of commander of a top secret service called XCOM, responsible for the reflection of the alien threat. As commander of the player to construct a base to explore the alien technology, in order to secure the supremacy, and manage your soldiers on the tactical map.

Developers report that have worked well with the management, so that should not cause any inconvenience. In addition, it is recommended to close all running applications on your smartphone / tablet applications, in order to optimize the operation of the game, because it is quite demanding.

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