Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mailbox: speed mail for Android - BBC News

mail client Mailbox, released for “iPhone” a little over a year ago, can now take advantage and owners of Android-devices. The main feature of the application: a system of super-fast sorting of incoming mail using horizontal swipe across the screen. We experienced a version of Android-Mailbox, to find out: what price will have to pay for getting rid of the user shaft correspond.

Client as its iOS-version is a cross between a conventional “postmen” and task manager. To mark a message as read, on the main screen you need to hold your finger right up the middle, and to remove – endure to the end. If you want to turn the letter into the problem and wait for later (for the evening, tomorrow, next weekend, etc.), you should perform a swipe to the left to the middle. To bring it into one of the to-do lists (“Read”, “Buy”, “Important”, etc.), it is necessary svaypnut left until the end.

Eventually your box is empty, and can be, clicking on the logo Mailbox, see him hiding behind the photo. Pictures (usually calm tranquil landscapes) Mailbox command selects from Instagram. All the pictures in the first year Mailbox command applications even posted on a special page of your site.

Mailbox interface to match its functions: it is minimalistic, it is extremely simple and does not distract from reading the letters. Located on top of the navigation bar of the three icons: with clock image (here misses delayed correspondence), mailbox (all your incoming mail) and ticks (read letters).

Among the new features Mailbox, implemented simultaneously with Android client, it is worth mentioning the new “smart” auto sort. She learns from the user’s actions, identifies among them repeated (for example, if he regularly sends to the archive or procrastinate emails from a specific sender) and the next time they perform the same automatically. Preferences are stored in a file stored in Dropbox – it is used to synchronize the auto sort of rules (for example, between you used Android-smartphone and tablet Apple). Mailbox soon to appear and desktop client for “Poppy”, as it is in the stage of closed beta testing.

Disadvantages program, unfortunately, occur immediately after the first run. First, Mailbox until localized into Russian, although understand it will not be hard. Second, to start using it, it is necessary to install Dropbox file storage and connect it to your account – no other way. Third, to date, the client supports only two types of email accounts: Gmail and iCloud, and the logins and passwords you have to be entered manually. Members “Yandex.Mail”, Microsoft Exchange, Mail.Ru and other services to evaluate the merits application (at least for now) can not, except to forward all correspondence to the mail box Google.

Fourth, if you are used to the “native” sorting Gmail (by Category “Promotions”, “Social networks”, “Alerts”, “Forums” and “Unsorted”), will have to forget about it – Mailbox in all correspondence gets to you in the “Inbox”, is in the public box. Finally, the current version can not select multiple Mailbox messages to delete or backup simultaneously.

Mailbox is free. Download you can download it from Google Play. To install the application needs a modern version of Android (not lower than 4.0.3).

Source: Mailbox (Google Play)

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