Monday, April 14, 2014

In Android appears built antivirus - BBC News

Google is going to make changes to Android, which will help users download applications from third-party sources, feel more secure. OS starts to periodically scan the installed programs to make sure their “integrity”.

currently built by Google in Android application can scan for viruses only at the installation. However, some malware shows its “dark side” just in time. Therefore, in the future, the company has promised to ensure that “the application continues to behave the same in good faith, as in the time of installation.”

Currently function test was used applications users over 4 billion times. Google notes that this practice is extremely effective. According to statistics, only 0.18 percent of users decide to continue with the installation after received notice that the application is potentially harmful.

Android is considered the most vulnerable to all sorts of cyber threats mobile platform. According to statistics, 99.99 percent of viruses get on Android-Soup install applications from third-party sources. The remaining 0.01 per cent of viruses were able to get to the store Google Play disguised as useful applications or games.

Source: TechCrunch

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