Thursday, April 17, 2014

Launched mobile access to the Android-devices to desktop computers -

Users of smartphones and tablets on the Android platform can now remotely log on desktop home computer and access files located in it through a special client application Chrome Remote Desktop, the report says Google.

service is available to owners notebook platform Chrome OS (so-called Chromebooks), as well as users of the browser Google Chrome. As a first step to get mobile access to install the application from the shop assistant Chrome Web Store to your desktop. This application is installed as an extension of the Google Chrome browser or operating system Chrome OS.

Next you need to download and run the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android-device, select it in the name of the required computer and remote access to files and folders on it. However, access can be made only to the desktop computers that are connected to the Internet and the computer must be enabled.

similar app for the Apple iOS platform company promises to release this year.

Since 2011, Google has a similar service operates Chrome Remote Desktop, featuring the new order that allows you to remotely access your home PC from another PC or laptop. New application for Android enables use the same function with mobile Android-based device.

last month released a similar service Workspaces company Amazon, but its product is aimed at corporate clients. The service allows access your work computer from any mobile or desktop devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android-gadgets.

the market there are several such services for personal use – for example, TeamViewer – but they have not yet gained wide popularity. At the same time, Google Chrome is installed on 44.6 percent of computers in the world, the data show StatCounter, and genuine service from Google may be attractive to users.

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