Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mailbox - now on Android! - Ferra

Annex Mailbox, a long time former exclusive to iOS, managed to make a lot of noise. That there is only one “meryanie place in the queue” on the client installation are numerous ways to work around the limitation by hacking apple devices and other scandals, intrigues, investigation. Fortunately, at the moment, no problems with the availability of end-user Mailbox there is not expected. The company itself, convincingly showed his potential was quickly acquired Dropbox. Merging benefited, and for users of Android and does come feast – Mailbox now available for devices that are up to 80% of the smartphone market.

 What is so good alternative mail client that stands immediately throw the official Gmail into a corner and set the Mailbox? Development, no less, offers a different look at the usual flow of correspondence, even combining rather traditional techniques and methods. Among them – the classical concept of «zero inbox», according to which all processed letters should be removed from the “Inbox” by archiving or transfer to subdirectories. Thus, the sight only those letters that require prompt reaction and after-treatment.

Furthermore, Mailbox allows you to configure the whole system pending reminders when a letter, tucked away from the” Inbox “simple swipe will again be presented to you in a few hours, days or months. This can be very handy when essentially no answer, and you are waiting for information, and in many other cases. In addition to preset intervals allowed exhibiting a specific date, so fans of accurate planning also will not be disappointed.

???????, customer comes complete with a set of lists, responsible for certain actions with letters. By default, this is a very predictable “Buy”, “Read” and “Make”, but no one bothers to edit existing or add new positions. In the Web interface lists will be standard labels, so that the induced mobile application procedure will not go anywhere if you decide to come in the mail from your computer.

Mailbox settings for synchronization between different devices you need to update the client and log in to Dropbox mailer with existing account cloud storage. All this is even more sense in light of the upcoming release Mailbox for Mac, so do not be lazy to do the extra couple of taps on the screen.

program to better focus in your chart, it makes sense to set the limits of the working day. Once we went to the settings at the same time define the notifications and a signature, although the default options quite think of anything. As you can see, there are mail iCloud, but some services Apple and Google will not get far without a lock on all correspondence on one single e-mail?

to Mailbox Otherwise no complaints. Comprehensive care management gestures when you first start the program, the interface is clean and tidy, the highest speed and no complaints on the part of stability – application dreams, and only. The only thing that sometimes caused issues – an unexpected reaction to pressing the function key “Back”, but this behavior can be considered a scourge of the platform as a whole. I hope that in time will lead to a sense of logic and random outputs of the program will be vanishingly rare.

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