Monday, April 21, 2014

Shturmann for Android updated to version 2.0 - Ferra

Company “Content Wizard” update Shturmann for Android updated to version 2.0. Mobile navigation has received an updated interface and a number of features that make the application easier to use: a new menu, a new status bar and the navigation widget.


New version has a minimalist design. For example, when you run the application immediately opens the map and not the menu as it was before. In drive mode as there is a change: a new item displaying the congestion on the route. He appears on the left or top of the screen depending on the rotation of the device and painted with the colors of traffic jams on graduation Yandex. Special status bar showing the operation of satellites and congestion on a scale Yandex became more concise and clear, and moreover, in all screens navigation system is now available and the status bar of the device.

the main menu, you can now see not only the usual search options and settings, but also the manager of available maps and SOS – button call the nearest tow truck. In the “Objects”, new information blocks. In certain categories imposed the most relevant content for motorists seasonal. Headings are changed regularly so that users have access to the new information. Standard categories of points of interest also remained in their usual places.

main feature of the new version – the navigation widget. Navigation can install the widget from the same section of the device. Widget will immediately use the addresses of favorite stories and if the application is already Shturmann to start on Android-device. If the program is installed for the first time, the point of “House” you will be asked to navigate. In addition, navigation Shturmann for Android is now faster and work less resource battery. The application itself is still free, are only paid card. Updated application can be downloaded from Google Play.

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