Monday, April 28, 2014

Overview of Android-App IFTTT: remote control everything - BBC News

Team miracle service IFTTT has finally released an official client for Android (until recently was only available to users unpretentious unofficial app, tied to the web version). The program supports all the features of the web version and the iOS-client and offers exclusive channels.

IFTTT (If This Than That – translated as, “If that is what it is”) – a useful service that lets you synchronize with each other a variety of applications and devices. IFTTT users can create so-called “recipes” – that is, scripts, by which different services interact with each other. You need to select an event in which “recipe” works – such as “Like” in Instagram, and then – in another action when you want to make (such as saving “layknutogo” snapshot in Dropbox).

Recall that an application for the iPhone IFTTT appeared last summer. The company took a year to release Android-client (version for Windows Phone, sooner probably even think). However, the program had not inferior “apple” functional version, there’s even own exclusive “chips”.

Android version of the application has added six new channels. Perhaps the most interesting of them – is the channel Wi-Fi, it allows you to use different recipes when connected to a Wi-Fi-network, including some definite. The most popular recipe using this channel to automatically activate the silent mode when connected to a working Wi-Fi.

Channel Android-location allows you to build recipes based on its location – the service will respond if you enter or leave a certain area. Android SMS channel, in turn, allows you to quickly send messages, for example, when you leave a job or when a missed call. IFTT for Android can access the settings of the device’s location is to take, send SMS notifications to monitor phone calls, sync photos from the “Gallery”.

All this allows you to create cool and unusual recipes. For example, it is possible to automatically change the wallpaper smartphone after each published image in Instagram (or to automatically change the background images on the most popular photos from 500px). Aligning the channel and Android Location Android SMS, you can, for example, automatically send a message to his wife every time you leave the job (that she began to cook dinner or her lover). It is possible to include the sound of your phone via SMS with specific text (in case if the phone fell somewhere until he stood silent). Scenarios for using the service are virtually unlimited.

program interface is quite slightly different from what we’ve seen on iOS – on the left of the screen we see a kind of news feed about every recipe you use. Right seeing written recipes, they can be quickly activated or off.

tab marked with the glasses, you can choose a huge number of recipes created by other users. It features including ranking of the best recipes for all the time and tab hosting the recipes are gaining popularity. Also there is a section Featured, in which you place the recipes selected editors. About every recipe you can see the statistics – how many people they are currently active and how many of them added. Any recipes you can share on social networks.

There is also an ability to create your own recipes.

In general, the application got comfortable and functional. Android’s openness IFTTT provides tremendous opportunities for interaction with the smartphone. So far, Android-specific recipes are relatively few, but for them definitely the future. The program interface is largely just copied from the iOS-version – a bit annoying abundance of iOS-channel icons, which is foreign to Android looks.

application has not yet been translated into Russian, as, indeed, and iOS-version. At that time, as “Yabloko” has long been available only version for the iPhone, and on iPad had until recently used uncomfortable telephone version, Android-application immediately and adapted for tablets.

service is available for devices running Android 4.0 and later versions. The application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play. Service also presented in App Store, there is a web version.

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