Saturday, April 5, 2014

News Google: Android Silver Program and Project Ara - Computer Information Portal

Google will take new steps to combat the fragmentation of mobile operating system Android. Although in recent years the situation has improved somewhat, stop supporting smartphones, released a year or two ago, is still commonplace.

program called Android Silver asks a series of strict criteria, which will have to meet to participate in it devices. Google will select the five best models from different manufacturers working in the latest version of Android without modification of the system (or the minimum number of them). The transition from “standard» Android-Smartphone Android Silver model will be done by the application, data migration, and configuration settings.


Now Google already has something similar – Google Edition phones on a “clean” version of Android. Their disadvantage is the fact that they are sold only on the site Google, because in Android Silver Company intends to ensure their availability in retail stores and contracts with mobile operators (relevant for North America). Due to this improvement will be provided technical support to users.

There are also news on the draft model smartphone Project Ara. Components will be issued for him by 3D-printing and delivery to begin in the first half of next year. As you know, Google sells Motorola, but the team Advanced Technologies and Projects remain in the company.

known that will be presented three basic configuration smartphones different sizes, and the components are secured by electromagnets. April 15 and 16 will be held the first event dedicated to the project, Ara Developer Conference, which will be told more details.

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