Sunday, April 6, 2014

Google is working on Android TV - Ferra

Resource Verge published details about a fresh design Google – Android TV. As we all know, Google has already attempted to break into sgment TV with Google TV, but recently this project developed quite sluggish. As it became known now, Google switched to the concept of Android TV, which is markedly different from Google TV. Dovono easily confused, especially when you consider that Google TV is a platform based on Android.

Android TV

So, unlike Google TV, Android TV does not attempt to turn the TV into a large smartphone. According to the documentation Google, it is an entertaining interface, not the computer platform. That is, Android TV on a plan is closer to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. The interface should be strongly simplified and give quick access to content, as much emphasis on the various recommendations on the home screen and the ease of obtaining the content being played on a smartphone or tablet. Also mentions support for gamepads, it suggests that this time the game will play a more important role. It is not known when will console or TV with Android TV.

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