Sunday, April 6, 2014

Android Windows Manager - A radical solution to the desktop - Ferra

  • Developer : monkeysoft
  • Price : Free
  • Tested on : LG G2 16 Gb
  • Google Play : view

The power of mobile phones are growing by leaps and bounds. These are not empty words – the current flagship able to run DOOM 3 and Windows emulator. Here is flat casket, which can get into the pocket packs, contains as much power as a whole contained a computer five years ago! Together with a monitor, keyboard and power supply, yes. But the transition from PC to smartphones does not always go smoothly – mobile architecture does not give the same user-friendly. It is tuned for operation without a keyboard and mouse, but you can connect them through OTG … So there is a need in the full desktop. Partially compensates for this need Android Windows Manager .

 If you dreamed of getting rid of unpleasant and unusual design decisions in the operating system from Google, then listen up: Android Windows Manager does work with the file system number as similar to working with the infamous OS from Microsoft. Yes, the windows system, which has become a breakthrough in its time, and determined the development of the PC for decades, is now available for mobile segment.

It is clear that this solution is suitable for most tablets, to which connects a mouse and keyboard. Basically trouble sneaking by the size of icons. They are very small … initially. Size configured without problems in “Esche” – “Settings”, but sorry, there still need to get. And through the tiny icons to do this is problematic …

Here we aides recorded peripherals – mouse and keyboard. With their help the user quickly gets used to “hit box” menu, and detects the number one advantage. This is a multi, dear! Feature partially implemented in the form QSlide of the LG G2 and also partly due to Multitasking OryonCorp. Android Windows Manager In all honestly, any file browser window can be expanded, moved and closed at will, turn off one or all together. As in Windows, actually.

The program has no built-in file editor or viewer. If you need to find the file in the phone memory, Android Windows Manager saves the day. But if you want to open it – it is not in the business, sorry. As for the search, then no exaggeration. With nearly a standard set for sorting, the application offers the user a familiar design, familiar from the time you know what. Easy to understand, easy to use.

Android Windows Manager is excellent base for all who are tired of the standard menu smartphone or tablet, or want to turn it into a marching variant laptop. However, if a full-fledged Windows emulators cease to be buggy obscurantism, the conversion to a laptop takes even less time. And yet – be satisfied with what we have, for the stability hero film does not hold. As features and appearance. And it is quite notable!

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