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Three dissimilar to other Android-phone (Fall 2015) – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

 LG V10

The new Android-based phone appear regularly. However, not only phones, tablets, and sometimes on the basis of the two operating systems. Another Android-phone rarely brings something really special. The cameras are getting better, faster phones themselves. Manufacturers kastomiziruyut software Android, to make your phone different from others. And it often does not add to the attractiveness of phones. Producing whether today are smartphones, which have been substantially unlike all the others?

 Blackberry Priv

In the published resource note «Review: 3 Android Phones That Offer Something Different» were considered just three of the phone. The narrative begins with the most unusual of all the Android-smartphone unusual season.


The first BlackBerry phone running Android stands out for its physical keyboard. For years, BlackBerry has sought to make its BlackBerry platform 10 prominent alternative to the Apple iPhone and Google Android. This phone is the most anticipated return in 2015.

The new phone has a physical keyboard Priv, is rare in the Android-based phone. It looks like the other devaysa its category as long as you do not nominate him below the keyboard. Phone became thicker than the flagship phone from Samsung and the iPhone, but too thick it is not perceived.

Keyboard Input BlackBerry is much nicer than the original Motorola Droid, 2009. However, users are so used to the virtual keyboard, the physical may be unclaimed even erstwhile users of BlackBerry.

Free Devices BlackBerry are known for their special attention to the security and protection of privacy. The device comes with an application that marks the level of security on the basis of a number of factors. It also notes that other applications are collected personal information. For example, just this week the Facebook app had access to the location of 41 times, according to the note.

5,4-inch screen smartphone is bent on either side of the device, just as it is implemented in devaysakh Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . Side toolbar allows you to access the calendar, messages and contacts. E-mail application is also more functional – it supports text formatting, allowing you to make it italic and color.

tags supports the most common tasks, such as creating a message or check the use of the traffic. In Windows Phone also provides a similar function, but the operating system as BlackBerry and 10, are very few people.

The battery capacity of the new phone is superior to the usual modern user. BlackBerry promises that the phone will be enough energy to 22.5 hours, “mixed-use”, that is, when performing a variety of tasks, which alternate with the more energy-intensive ones, which require less energy.

Price phone BLACKBERRY PRIV in the United States (the operator AT & amp; T) is 740 US dollars.


 Motorola Droid Turbo 2

To make a 5.4-inch screen of the phone as possible unbreakable, Motorola replaced the glass various types of plastic. Most of the best known smartphone uses a chemically strengthened glass. But it is still glass and may crack when a sufficiently strong impact on a hard surface.

This article explains how the phone fell to the pavement. One of the corners of the metal frame was damaged, but the screen remained intact.

The company SquareTrade, which checks the devices for strength, dropped 10 times from a height of the Droid 2.1 meters. On the screen appeared only minor defects. Then the phone 10 times moved Range Rover SUV. The screen is not broken, although some parts of the display turn black.

Motorola offers a four-year warranty against splitting the screen. The company has tested the stability of the phone in question to fall from a height of 1.5 meters on different surfaces, which are theoretically the user can drop your device. They also added more touch-capacitors, allowing the screen to maintain sensitivity to touch, even received some damage.

Of course, the phone should not be dropped from a height of several floors. The screen can be, and will not crack, but the other components will be put out of commission, and they guarantee does not apply.

In addition, the guarantee does not apply to scratches, which, of course, to some extent subject to Even the most durable plastic. For this reason Droid Turbo characterized by two coating layers. The topsheet can be replaced. Set for its user-replaceable retails for $ 30. As with any mobile phone, the new Droid can not be worn in a pocket with keys.

The phone also has a high capacity battery, which allows not to use the device sparingly charging 48 hours. Motorola said that using the supplied smart phone charger, charge it for 13 hours of use may be as little as 15 minutes. Of course, such capacity battery makes novelty somewhat thicker than those phones which are mainly presented on the market today.

In the United States considered phone 29 October 2015 offered by Verizon for 624 US dollar.

3. LG V10

 LG V10

Considered phone has a 5.7-inch display. In addition, there is another small screen, located above the main panel and which notifications are no longer occupy the main screen. The second screen also gives you quick access to settings, contacts, to which the user is most often drawn, and has recently run applications.

An additional screen is always on, allowing you to see the time and weather, without expending energy stored in the battery on the backlight the main display. With this small screen, you can also get access to the camera and adjust the music playback.

Another interesting feature – V10 have two front cameras. One for ordinary self, the second wide-angle allows for group self. Other cameras make this drawing together some pictures, like the panoramic shooting. But the result of such an approach may not please the user. The main video camera of this phone offers the user a wide range of manual settings.

In the United States the price of this phone is from 600 to 700 dollars depending on the operator.

It should be noted that the differences phone two cameras and three screens LG V10 from the majority on the market Android-devices in this category is not as great as those that can boast of new items on the BlackBerry and Motorola, but still sufficiently significant to smartphone deserved inclusion in the top three of the most unusual Android telephony autumn of 2015.

Which of the above smart Android-based phone made for you the most pleasant impression?


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