Friday, November 20, 2015

Android multiplies in the 4G-networks –

According to the number registered in the network device MTS LTE-smartphones based on the Android OS in the III quarter of 2015 for the first time surpassed the device Apple. As representatives of MTS, Android-gadgets module for high-speed data showed a record growth due to low-price policy pursued by the company. The main contribution to the increase in the proportion of the budget accounted for Android devices.

The share of Android-smartphone in the LTE-MTS network in the III quarter. rose just 5 percentage points (a record number) and exceeded 50%. “The number of Android-smartphone in the LTE network is significantly increased after a decline in prices on the internet of gadgets that after MTS undertook the major market participants”, – said a spokesman of PJSC “Mobile TeleSystems” (MTS) Dmitry Solodovnikov. According to him, just a quarter of Russia had sold 1.9 million smartphones with LTE-module and more than half of them (1 million units) to the end of September, appeared in the MTS network.

Let’s remind, after the change of ownership in “The Messenger” MTS complicated relationship with this retailer. Since April retail operator took several waves of price cuts on the gadgets. The company explained that such a strategy the desire to develop its own retail network and to ensure the influx of visitors, as well as the desire to make money not by selling gadgets, and mobile data services – the more hands on smart phones, the more mobile Internet users. In fact, the Russian retail sector has started a real price war (see. news ComNews of 19 August 2015 g of.).

“The owners of 4G-smart phones are among the most high-quality mobile subscribers in Russia: 99% of them – informed users of data services they use “heavy” package tariffs and bring the operator to almost twice the revenue than other smartphone owners, “- said Dmitry Solodovnikov. He added that the owners of LTE-smartphone consume 1.6 times more traffic than those for whom the available link 3G-only format. As the press service of the company, the main contribution to growth in the number of users 4G-MTS went to the owners of budget devices: nearly half sold in the III quarter. retail MTS LTE-smartphones were cheaper than 10 thousand. rub.

According to MTS, the share of iOS in LTE-network operator in quarterly terms declined by 4 percentage points, the share of Windows Phone – 1 n. P. In annual terms, the share of Android-smartphone in the LTE-MTS increased by 9 pp.

As described ComNews press secretary PAT “VimpelCom” Anna Aybasheva in LTE-network “Beeline” Android-smartphones have overtaken iPhone is still in the I quarter. 2015 “In the III quarter. Share of Android smartphones in the LTE-networks also exceeded 50%, while the share of iOS decreased by 2 percentage points,” – she said. According to the “VimpelCom”, in annual terms, the share of 4G-smartphone on Android increased by 8 percentage points The company also says it is increasing the number of affordable models LTE-smartphones in the retail operator.

In the network of PJSC “MegaFon” – more than 7.5 million 4G-devices, and at the end of the III quarter. Android smartphone was one and a half times more than iOS, as reported ComNews the press service of the company. “The reason is simple – Android smartphone with support for LTE releases a lot of producers, and the consumer has a much greater choice. At the same time customers can purchase modern smartphones in the salons” Megaphone “at competitive prices, so the number of devices on Android is growing very quickly,” – said representatives of the operator.

According to PR-director of “The Messenger” Maria Zaikina, LTE-share growth of smartphones on Android due to lower average prices. “The market appears more and more affordable devices cost less than 10 thousand. Rub., The vast majority – are gadgets on Android. They’re in the ground and provide a level of penetration of the operating system from Google on the network operator. Devices on iOS in this segment is not” – she said. According to Maria Zaikina 80% LTE-gadgets still cost more than 10 thousand. Rub. These include smartphones, and Apple – the most affordable device brand is worth more than 25 thousand. Rub. According to the “Messenger” in Russia in the first nine months, about one in four sold the gadget to support LTE runs on iOS.

According to the “Euroset” in the first nine months of smartphones with 4G-unit accounted for 21% of sales in units and 50% – in terms of money.


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