Friday, November 20, 2015

In Russian networks, 4G iOS lost to Android – News project

The Russian networks 4G iOS conceded Android

text: Georgi Orlov /

published on November 20 ’15 14:25


The share of Android-smartphone from the general the number of devices registered in the Russian 4G-networks surpassed that of the devices Apple. This result was a consequence of the popularity of cheap 4G-smartphone.

At the end of the first quarter of last year the share of Android-smartphone in the 4G-network
 MTS was 36% at the end of the third quarter - 41%. Now this figure
 It was 50%, according to Cnews. Apple's share of smart phones all the time steadily
 contract and at the end of the first quarter of last year it was 58% at
 end of the third quarter - 53%, and now it has fallen to 43%. The remaining 7%
 hold the device running Windows Phone.

Increasing the share of Android-devices in the total number of 4G-smartphone
 due to the decrease in the prices for them: in the III quarter of this year, more than half
 sold at retail MTS 4G-smart phones cost less than 10 thousand. rubles.
 Most sold MTS 4G-devices owned company Samsung,
 Alcatel, Sony and smartphones under the MTS brand.

A similar pattern can be observed in the 4G-network of "VimpelCom". Share
 Android-smartphone of the total registered in the network 4G-smartphone
 It surpassed that of Apple's smartphones in the first quarter of this year. By
 the third quarter share of 4G-smartphone with Android has exceeded 50%.
 The representative of "The Messenger" has noted that the share of Android-smartphone increased by
 the appearance of available devices to support LTE. In the past year, according to
 "The Messenger", among the total number sold in Russia 4G-smartphone devices
 value of 5-10 thousand. rubles accounted for only 4%.

At the end of this year, devices in this price range occupied 19%
 the total number of sold 4G-smartphone. But the proportion of more expensive devices 25 thousand.
 rubles among the total number of sold 4G-smartphone has fallen to 37%. The most affordable
 Smartphone Apple - iPhone 5s - currently estimated at 25 thousand. rubles.


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