Monday, November 9, 2015

Android hit the “immortal” virus – Official web-site of radio Vesti FM

Android-smartphone malware attacks, which can not be removed. Trojan virus disguised as applications Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. With it, an attacker gains access to personal data and throw gadget ads, earning money from it. It is alleged that people who are “picked up” the virus might have to buy a new phone. Economic Observer “Vesti FM” Pavel Anisimov with the details.

The malicious code is embedded in more than 20 thousand of popular games and programs, experts estimate the American company Lookout. They were the first reported on the threat of infection of smartphones running on the operating system Android. The virus spreads only through unofficial app stores and other sites. By downloading an infected program, the owner of a smartphone with their hands conveys the “Trojans” administrative privileges, access to stored passwords, and data from other applications, says deputy head of the laboratory of computer forensics company Group-IB Sergei Nikitin :

“Android default does not allow you to put applications from third-party sources, and when people will download a virus, he himself Android write about it. If you want to turn them off, it is possible, but you take full responsibility.”

According to experts, the risk appeared gadgets users from Russia, the US and Germany. Understand that the smart phone is infected with malicious software a new type of very simple, says an expert on Internet technologies Maxim Emm . Gadget constantly displays ads can not be disabled. So virus writers earn advertising traffic:

“If this is a shareware game, which has always been the advertising, then maybe it’s just her normal functioning. But if the rest of applications, it appears, it is certainly an occasion to reflect. But you are infected only if the installed applications are not from the official store Google Play “.

According to experts Lookout, some users of infected devices may You have to buy a new smart phone or tablet. With the “trojan” can not cope any one antivirus application. Moreover, he does not disappear even after the return to the standard factory settings. However, head of mobile security applications, Positive Technologies Artem Chaykin advises not throw contaminated gadget – much cheaper to contact a service center or reflash the unit itself. It is only necessary to connect an infected smartphone to your desktop PC and via the website producer reinstall the operating system:

“Each manufacturer its own set of tools, a set of software. As a rule, it is established or with the connection to the user’s computer or have the opportunity to install a new firmware via the update from the server manufacturer. In addition, most likely, the same Lookout or other anti-virus companies over time to release a special software that will remove the malware from your device “.

Recently, hackers increasingly are questioning the safety of gadgets that are running Android. Recently experts “Kaspersky Lab” found a large-scale theft of user credentials social network “VKontakte” through the program for smartphones. Virus infection music application was taken at the official online store Google.


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