Monday, November 23, 2015

Google caught in the ability to remotely hack Android-powered devices –

Google by the court can remotely access the contents of devices running older versions of the operating system Android. It is reported by The Next Web, citing a document prepared for the prosecutor’s office in New York.

So, get permission of the court, the special services may require the company to reset the password on your smartphone or tablet specific user. “This process can be carried out remotely Google, allowing forensic experts to view the content on the device,” – the document says.

According to the company, the old version of the OS (except Android 5.0) installed on 74.1 percent devices. Thus, more than half of users are subject to this vulnerability.

The new version of the OS – Android 5.0 or higher – are not subject to this rule, since they use full disk encryption, ie internal memory. However, by default this feature is disabled for most devices. Enable encryption can be configured smartphone. At the same time work with files may slow down, said portal.

For comparison, Apple can not read the contents of the smartphones of their users, which is iOS 8 and above as optional disk encryption is enabled by default.


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