Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It developed a free tool for detecting flaws in Android – securitylab

The application for 30 seconds will display a list of breaches, which is subject to the user’s device.

 The current year has been pretty hectic for the owners of devices based on Android. News of a particular attack aimed at users of the OS gadgets appear almost every week. Currently one of the most serious vulnerabilities in Android are Stagefright and Stagefright 2.0. Their exploitation allows attackers to introduce malicious code to the device via a simple text message.

 Although the latest version of Android these flaws have already been corrected, many manufacturers produce their own updates is not as quickly. It is possible that older versions of mobile devices might not wait for the firmware upgrade. That is why, even after the release of patches is difficult to determine how vulnerability affects a particular device.

 The company’s specialists have developed a free tool NowSecure open source software called Android Vulnerability Test Suite (Android VTS), dedicated to finding vulnerabilities in OS Android. Software is a scanner, which allows you to verify the presence of mobile gadgets famous 22 holes, including Stagefright, and to determine the potential risk to the devices.

 It is worth noting that some antivirus solutions can detect Android VTS as the malware as a tool comprises detection code Stagefright. Android VTS is already available in Google Play Store, and its code is published on a portal for developers GitHub. After installing an application for 30 seconds will display a list of breaches which are subject to the user’s device.


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