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Choose a gallery for android-devices: Google Photos, Foto Gallery, Cloud Gallery, as well as the results of testing 7 applications –





The laboratory site continues the series of articles devoted to applications for viewing photos and video files on android-devices. Such programs are called галереями, and they can be changed. I do not like the standard? Change on the side, in fact, the selection of these options, we are going to do.

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In the new review, we look at the gallery, issued by the corporation itself Google – Google Photos. And her company will make two simple and little functional applications: Foto Gallery and Cloud Gallery. But in the end you are waiting for the traditional debriefing.

Let me remind you that the heroes of the previous material steel four programs: QuickPic, ToolWiz Photos , «А+ Gallery »and Vyomy: 3D Gallery . Despite the fact that the first known to us from the “birth” of operating system Android, the age virtually no impact on its relevance, the benefit of the developers have not forgotten about the new features. ToolWiz Photos distinguished by its functionality, “A + Gallery” – its minimalism. But really surprised Vyomy: 3D Gallery, which definitely worth a look.

As the test equipment used tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 12.1 on the basis of OC Android 5.1, the runtime ART, processor TI OMAP 4430 2 x 1200 MHz videosoprotsessor PowerVR 540 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM ) and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 at OC Android 4.4.2, the runtime Dalvik, processor MediaTek MT6592, an 8 x 1700 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4 700MHz, 2GB RAM).

Google Photos


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Let’s face it – Google is an expert in mobile applications, and it is a fact. Google Now – success, Google Chrome – quite good, while Google Keep there are no analogues. However, and herself OS Android, in the end, good. And what about the gallery called Google Photos? It’s time to find out.

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The benefits of application Google Photos:

  • Visual search. Now you can search for photos by their people, places and objects. Remember the fish that you have eaten in Istanbul? Search for the word of Istanbul or food, to find the right image, even if they have no description. Note that the group of persons may not be available in all countries.

  • Startup. Your photos and videos are stored securely in the cloud and accessible from any device. You can download the free unlimited number of images in high quality, or save the photo in the original resolution, totaling up to 15 GB (with other files in your account Google).

  • Save space on your device. Photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos, you can safely remove a device without fear of losing them.

  • «Revived Pictures”. Google Photos automatically creates movies, interactive stories, collages, animation, and much more based on your photo.

  • Edit. Transforms the photos with one touch: apply filters, adjust colors and perform other operations using a simple and effective tool for processing.

  • Sharing. Instantly share your photos via links and through familiar applications.

  • Memories. Look what you did that day a year or two or even ten years ago.

  • View on TV. With Chromecast you can see photos and videos on TV.

Getting Started


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Of course, when you first start Google Photos we are waiting for a detailed guide, a story about the benefits and many other visual information.

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Now we are on the home screen. I think it is not necessary to say that the appearance of the application interface is combined with the system, since he is made in the same style Material Design.

The main screen is a vertical mesh with images that are placed on the newest to oldest. Above each photo or series is the date of creation, while “fast scrolling” we are seeing a comfortable transition.

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The Google Photos a search, just how it works, if the photo no name? I also wondered this issue, so timidly pressed the button.

It turns out, the gallery can analyze the picture in the photo. For example, in my example, you can see four types of objects: “cat”, “cars”, “flowers” and “food”. All images are correct, that’s just one alarming: the gallery has chosen the category “food” even those photos depicting the kitchen …

At the same pictures in my work room or other (we tried to test) were not included in the list. Really for us begins total surveillance?

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In addition, the main menu can be viewed “by month”, “data” and as a simple list, that is, images of the same series.

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Additionally, you can create albums with photos, collages and animated images. In principle, that means each of the above functions, we understand well and to their use certainly should not have any issues.

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It is worth mentioning that if you make a swipe to the right, then we will open a special assistant, sync files in the cloud. Recall all Google accounts receive free 15 GB of storage.

We can separately upload photos, videos, as well as to set some parameters download. For example, when the battery is low or you can disable roaming to synchronize files. Or even allow sending data only when connected to a wall outlet.

Once the assistant is able to automatically edit photos, create collages and animations, as well as mounted video. The function automatically, so something supernatural is not expected.

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Now to view photos. Of course, the screen is occupied, the top there is a key to access the parameters, and the bottom are four key steps: “share”, “edit”, “view information” and “delete”.

Here we have access to features such as slide shows, the use of photos, fast printing, editing Snapeed and so on.

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As for the image editing … Google has a fairly powerful and convenient tool for photo editing – Snapeed. Despite this, in the Google Photos contains several elements for color correction, compositing filters and equalization horizon.



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Google Apps users are not encouraging their settings, and Google Photos would not except that. We are only available synchronization settings, and as additional options you can include photos of the faces of the grouping and add photos / videos from Google Disk gallery.



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Google has Google – no complaints about the application I have. The only thing that should be considered – the consumption of resources. In the background, Google Photos eats about 90 MB, and if the photos will be synchronized with the cloud, or we will view the images, the application consumes more than a hundred MB of RAM.

Application Version


The size of the application in the prescribed form
42 MB

Consumption RAM
100-110 MB


If Google Photos, and do not need to say anything, because it is one of the best galleries for android-devices. It is stylish, modern and beautiful. But it’s not just the design.

Gallery Google knows almost everything: to synchronize files with the cloud, edit photos, sorted by type and so on. The same level of quality keeps only one competitor – QuickPic. Naturally, no advertising or paid features you will not find here.

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Скачать Google Photos
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer Google Inc.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.0 and later.

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