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The look of the Apple Watch in the world of Android — Rossiyskaya Gazeta – the Russian Newspaper

Smart clock a long time is difficult to surprise someone. In Moscow, it is especially pronounced – for example, a person paying for coffee using Apple Watch – the norm at Starbucks. It is nice when there a watch that is different from what you saw earlier. The watch has its own unique style and pieces that I want to share with friends. Watch that you do not want to put on the shelf after a month of use. On test we have the Samsung Gear S3 version frontier.

Samsung is the leader among manufacturers of Android smartphones. It is a well-known fact. But did you know that Samsung has operating system of its own design? System, not so much demanding on hardware and not so greedy from the point of view of energy consumption? Samsung has Tizen OS – and I must say that I am very pleased to meet her.

Samsung is constantly experimenting (not always successfully, as demonstrated by the failure of the explosive Galaxy Note 7). Tizen is one of the experiments. Initially, this system was developed as an alternative to Android. There are even a few Samsung devices running on its database. But the primary application for Tizen in Samsung found in wearable devices. Gear S3, a device based on Tizen OS with its unique shell and management system. Talk about it in detail.

Governance and

to connect your smartphone with Gear S3, is required only to install the Gear app from the Play Store and follow the instructions inside the app. In fact, for anything else this program in the future you won’t need (except that the notification settings that come on the watch). Once the connection has been made, your gaze appears the dial. The transition to the adjacent screens is performed by rotating the wheel around the display. Turn the wheel to the left, will appear on the screen (or screens) notifications. Turn right – and here it is already possible to “roam”. Display to the right of the hours can be a lot of different screens – from the number of steps until a special screen for accounting of consumed cups of coffee and water.

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the Right of the display on the side of the case there are two buttons for navigation between different menu levels. Lower responsible for calling the menu of all applications. They are arranged in a circle and choose one you want using the aforementioned easy wheels. The application icons are clickable (it’s a touchscreen, and the interface makes it quite easy to get to the desired application). To get used to non-standard management models for hours just in the first hour of communication with the device – everything is logical, intuitive.


the Already mentioned Tizen OS, the Gear installed in the S3, lets you take the power consumption of the device to a new level. Watches, which could be like before, begged for charging every two days, and sometimes even more often. Gear S3 also pleasantly surprised by four and a half days of battery life, when I was off watch at night, and four full days when I didn’t turn them off at all. Impressive.

Just to say – I’m not used mode is always enabled, screen – to Gear S3, this “trick” seems to me not very relevant clock accurately recognize the movement of a hand and the lightning light up the display when required.

included with the device is the charger, which is enough to put the watch to charge. Gear S3 charged to 100% within a half hour.

Everyday use S3 Gear during my test taught me a few things. First, I began to consider the amount of coffee and water – for this in hours Samsung has an excellent screen with a widget that allows one touch to make the desired information. Data is stored in the application S Health, which monitors the number of steps walked you, your heart rate and even the number of flights of stairs taken during the day. In General, the watch reveal the potential applications are almost 100%.

the rest of the S3 Gear fully comply with all of the features expect from a smart watch and time will tell, and the track will switch, and the message read. And they can call in case there is a built in Handsfree speaker and microphone, respectively, the call is on speakerphone, which is not always comfortable and appropriate.

appearance: Classic and Frontier

Gear S3 is not a small watch. And, as I thought, especially male – it’s hard to imagine these rather large (and chubby) watch fragile girl. For those who love large watches, Samsung offers two lines performance – more stringent Classic and sport version of the Frontier (the last one was on my test). Both handsets are made dear on the look and feel of the material protected against moisture according to IP68 standard. Straps like Classic and Frontier, replaceable – you can buy brand and can be ordered in China.


If before I was not even interested in a smart watch, considering them only as “another device needs to be charged every day”, after meeting with S3 Gear was forced to change his mind. From Samsung is a great watch that perfectly complement the smartphone. They are unpretentious to the environment, resistant to drops, unique from the point of view of management without compromising convenience. The cost of the watch is comparable to the price of the smartphone average of 25 thousand rubles.

Expensive? Perhaps. Gear S3 is it worth your money? Hard to say – depends what you expect from a device of this type. As a gift Gear S3 is almost perfect. And if you think about buying for yourself, you have probably spent 60 thousand on the Galaxy S7 Edge. In this case, 25 thousand for smart watches hardly will surprise you greatly or will become a barrier to purchase. If you think about it, the Apple Watch – the perfect companion for iPhone and S3 Gear – the perfect companion for the Galaxy.

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- the Interaction with Android and iOS
– Possibility to install third-party applications
– screen Technology: touchscreen, AMOLED
Moisture – proof
– audio Playback, 4GB built-in memory
– Sensors monitoring of physical activity
– GPS module


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