Sunday, January 1, 2017

Samsung is preparing to talk about the causes of explosion of Android-smartphone Galaxy Note 7 –

When replacing batteries in the first batch of smartphones Galaxy Note 7 has not stopped a series of fires and swellings, Samsung was forced to recall all devices sold, the buyers paying compensation and providing them with a special fireproof box for sending “dangerous goods”. The airline has ruled out the Galaxy Note 7 from the list of devices that are allowed to carry on Board, and the operators participated in the operation to neutralize remaining in the hands of the people instances.

As reported by Reuters with reference to the Korean colleagues from JoongAng Ilbo, Samsung Electronics is ready to speak publicly about the outcome of the investigation of the causes of the defect of the Galaxy Note 7 in the current month. To do this, the South Korean company has based on the return of customer confidence and reputations. At least five billion dollars will make a damage in profit for Samsung for the next three quarters, and it is only a superficial assessment of the consequences of the scandal.


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