Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Casio released a smart watch running Android – CNews – CNews.ru

Android watches Casio

the Casio Company introduced the “smart watch” Pro Trek WSD Smart-F20. The presentation took place at the meeting in Las Vegas the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

the Clock running the operating system Android Wear (Android system for “smart hours”) and support the installation of appropriate applications. The control clock is realized by establishing a Bluetooth connection with smartphones – with this purpose, Casio has released a special app for Android and iOS. Also watch supports Wi-Fi connection.

touch display

Watch is equipped with a colour touch display. Device has a GPS Navigator and provided support for Japanese navigation system Michibiki, in the future we plan to support Russian GLONASS system.

Watch allow you to navigate through maps, in the same number supports offline navigation (in areas with no cell signal) with predetermined maps. Pro Trek Smart is aimed primarily at fans of Hiking, fishing, prominent sports, Cycling and snowboarding. For these purposes, Casio has created a corresponding application. Watches have a water resistance to a depth of 50 m.

Watch Casio Pro Trek WSD Smart-F20

among other things, Pro Trek Smart able to remember the route, to calculate the number of steps, etc. in addition, the device has a built-in microphone that allows you to make voice recordings during movement with reference to the coordinates.

Compact camera Casio

hours hours of battery life – about a day. The watch will go on sale in late April, the price in the U.S. market will be $ 500.

Watch as a monitor for a compact camera

Another option is the new watch – a bunch of series of compact cameras FR100/FR200 is designed to be worn on the head like a Go Pro. Now the cameras are sold in Japan market and Asia. FR200 price is $ 450, this kit includes a compact monitor for viewing camera images.

the Camera can be purchased at a lower price is without a monitor. The price in this case will be about $ 100 less, and watch Pro Trek Smart can replace the monitor for this camera.


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