Friday, January 13, 2017

Google will not allow manufacturers to make notifications in Android is worse – Androidinsider (press release) (Blog)

Previously, Google allowed the manufacturers of Android smartphones to do almost anything you want, but gradually it becomes clear the company wants more control over their operating system, and even share in the smartphone market. Not so long ago Google updated its requirements for manufacturers. For the first time our colleagues from Android Police noticed that Google is fighting for the permanence of notifications in Android.

In the new version of Google prohibits manufacturers of smartphones running Android to change the appearance and notification capabilities. They should remain such what they were up to Google, and to respond to user actions the same on all smartphones and provide the same features on every smartphone.

the Changes will affect manufacturers of smartphones, who will use the new version of Android released since Android 7.1. I wonder what other elements of its operating system, Google will forbid to change in the future, and how long it will tolerate smartphone makers.


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