Monday, October 10, 2016

The platform is Modular Cyanogen OS allows you to integrate the functions of CyanogenMod in the Android separately –

the Company Cyanogen and its products known to every enthusiast of the world of smartphones. Build CyanogenMod — the most popular of their kind, and in a separate representation is not needed. Cyanogen OS, however, a special distribution was not earned.

Yesterday the company issued a press release on a significant change in its strategy. Cyanogen abandon his dream to take third place in the mobile OS segment and switches to a modular structure.

the Program is called Modular Cyanogen OS. It will allow manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to introduce features of Cyanogen products individually without having to replace the usual Android and even their own shell.

the Current initiative is the development of ideas platform Cyanogen MOD, which was announced earlier in the year. But Cyanogen MOD has different need for deeper integration of those mods that in the end led to the lack of interest in the platform from manufacturers and developers.

Modular Cyanogen OS is much easier to learn for developers, although we cannot say that the ideas of the projects are identical. With the new program, manufacturers will be able to offer smartphones with the corporate shells that will stand out original features unique to products of Cyanogen. Thus, we can assume that she is Cyanogen OS development will get though this in a press release said.

it is Also worth noting that co-founder Kirt McMaster (Kirt McMaster) is now part of the Cyanogen Directors.

Source: Cyanogen


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