Monday, October 3, 2016

Google may prohibit the promotion on Android devices –

the Commission believes that the fee for a preset search widget, illegal

the Fee or discounts for the preset Google search widget and Google Play app store on Android devices illegal. This practice violates antitrust laws, according to the Commission. Corporations face a large fine, which will be calculated on the basis of earnings over the last five years. Will be considered the income of Google Play and the sale of contextual advertising in Europe, “Vedomosti”.

Funds or discounts for pre-application Google gave handset manufacturers. According to antimonopolschikov, the promotion restricts the ability of vendors when using other operating systems running on the Android code base.

Google received a copy of the volume (150 pages) of the document in April. A week before the planned decision, the regulator announced intentions to those companies which complained about uncompetitive practices.

Earlier, the European Commission accused Google of infringement of the rights of application developers for the Android OS. As has shown preliminary investigation, the Corporation used its advantage to consolidate its dominant position in the search market. Manufacturers are not only imposed, but was forced to abandon PE applications of competitors.

Claims against Google filed by the member companies of the consortium Fairsearch. In the European investigation involved “Yandex”, who managed to win an antitrust case in Russia. A Google spokesperson said that they are ready to show the European Commission a new model of Android, which supports competition and innovation in Europe.

Recall, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has pleaded guilty Google’s abuse of monopoly position on the market of mobile applications for Android devices. The Corporation was fined 438 million rubles.


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