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3 reasons why Android  has no chance to catch up with iOS

Google showed the world a new, which is considered the ideal Android smartphones. The following day, however, the world has not seen millions of photos with rabid queues stretching to the Google Store. No one spends the night under the doors of “Corporation of good”, and if there were some “plum” in its design or characteristics, then they are worried about is that Sergey Brin, not the buyer.

the Browser Life Viktor Loginov is sure, it’s all about Google’s operating system. A software company that never managed to make Android as easy and friendly as iOS. Apple calls iOS “the most advanced mobile OS in the world.” It’s hard to disagree, looking at the pain points of the software platform of Google.


so, the first reason is that Google has released so ugly and unsuitable to use an operating system that immediately made all sorts of popular interface add-ins on this system. The first Android versions it was so bad that if you, say, could, like a chameleon, one eye on the iPhone 2G, and the second on Android 2.1 or earlier, the eyes that were looking at Android, could easily emerge from the horror and just on the contrast of incoming information into the brain.

the Second reason is that Google still believes that operating systems should do the programmers. Legends about how jobs made his engineers compliance not only functionality, but also user queries, clogged the entire Internet. In Google, through which these legends can be found, prefer to ignore them. As a result, after the purchase of your next smartphone, be kind, sit at a table and spend a few hours exploring the settings and trying to re-tie that was loosened, and reconfigure that somehow upset. No respect for client Google is not experiencing, the client for him — only consumer advertising, context or any other, for that matter. Google does not sell you and the finished product, he first ties you to its advertising products.

this, by the way, should be the third reason. Google does not spend time on optimizing and licking code of the operating system. Her by and large do not care how it will look. The main task of Google is to provide the system as many manufacturers of smartphones, so they installed it and gave Google’s new consumer advertising.

Even in my Nexus, and now in Pixel, the company is not going to abandon the advertising model of the action of your operating system. So, buyer Pixel in principle can not get the same positive experience that he gets when buying the iPhone.

Apple makes that every iPhone buyer was happy. He is happy with the usability from the muffs, from the display, refined design and optimally placed buttons. Every step Apple client closely only to (actually not, but think so), at the right time to jump in with the same: “What would you like, my Lord?”.

Trying once again to produce the “perfect smartphone”, Google is not going to abandon the already accepted and familiar methods. That is, one who decides to use a Pixel as an alternative to the iPhone, instead of “what would you like” once again will be forced to watch ads for half of the screen.

In this case, Google not only encourages third-party developers to experiment with design, on the contrary, she herself, releasing the Pixel, encourages stupid copying design elements from Apple. No originality, no fresh ideas, no search for any own way. Why? Here, Apple came up with, we are now almost exactly to a tee will do the same, and all. And what then, tell me the point in buying Android for more than 50 thousand rubles, if I get the Apple with ads and glitches? Where a unique selling proposition that is supposed to tempt me?

In Google so don’t know what to offer you and that his own hands are pushing Samsung and other manufacturers to search new solutions, to develop their own operating systems, or to revive the once already invented (recently became aware of the fact that the creators of Symbian are thinking about the reincarnation of his OSes).

the Poorer for the loss of mobile business Google will not. It accounts for less than 20% of all revenues of the Corporation. However, the lack of a coherent strategy and the inability to admit mistakes made Google Android a hostage, and to change the paradigm of interaction with the client, they just can’t.

in summary, it should be said that Apple leaves Android alive only out of pity. Look around you, a huge number of people still using iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Apple would be quite cheap to produce (10-15 thousand rubles) smartphone, despite the fact that in comparison with the news they are hopelessly outdated, and away from Android would have happened by itself.



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