Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Chinese pay for Russian experts for hacking Android and iPhone

Chinese company ShenZhen Computer Users Association (SZCUA) intends to acquire Russian experts on information security vulnerabilities on the iPhone, Android smartphones and computer browsers and made them a proposal. On Wednesday, October 12, reports “Kommersant”.

he told the publication, representatives of several Russian companies, they were contacted by a representative SZCUA named Robert Nevsky. According to him, SZCUA want to buy exploits (tools for carrying out attacks on computing system), using the so-called “zero day exploit” (of the errors, which are not known to its manufacturer). For a similar program for mobile platforms iOS and Android, as well as a number of web applications and browsers, the Chinese are willing to pay 100 thousand dollars.

the experts say that the Chinese company is likely engaged in buying vulnerabilities for government hacker groups who then use them to create cyberware.

In November of 2015, the company Zerodium involved in the search and elimination of vulnerabilities, revealed the purchase prices breaking a series of products of IT companies. For hacking Safari and Internet Explorer experts are ready to pay hackers to 50 thousand dollars, for Google Chrome — 80 thousand dollars, and for unauthorized access to systems on Android and Windows Phone — 100 thousand dollars. Most expensive is valued the security hole in the iOS it hacker will get 500 thousand dollars.


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