Monday, October 24, 2016

Analysts compare the treatment of personal data in … –

Mobile devices know about their users very much. Given the lack of proper users ‘ attention to information protection, it is not surprising that smartphones can be considered as a potential channel for leaks of personal data. Analysts at Zscaler have studied applications for iOS and Android, trying to understand where personal data of the user are safer.

As it turned out, approximately 0.5% of all iOS applications disclose certain information when transmitting data, whereas in the case of Android, this figure is 0.3%. Further analysis showed that the applications for both platforms disclose metadata about the device and the location information, but when it comes to really personal data, that is, those that are uniquely associated with a specific user, in iOS, the situation is much better than Android. The share of untrusted applications on iOS is estimated to be 0.2%, whereas in Android their 3%.

also Interesting is the geographical cut of about 70% of leaks in iOS is with China, whereas in the case of Android vulnerable mainly to users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Source: Zscaler


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