Sunday, October 2, 2016

The EU will forbid Google to promote their search on smartphones Android – Bulletin

the Antitrust authorities of the European Union can prevent Google to pay manufacturers paid for an exclusive preset for Android devices Google search. This writes Reuters, citing a 150-page document of the European Commission, sent out last week to the companies previously complained of anti-competitive practices by Google. The document is not new – Google itself got a copy back in April of this year. Information about the intentions of the European Commission made public a week before the planned decision of the regulator in the case of Google.

Also, the regulator warned Google that it may have to pay a large fine for violations of the Antimonopoly legislation, since 2011 the Size of the penalty will be calculated on the basis of assessment of revenue from sales of Google contextual advertising in Europe and the revenue of app store Google Play.

Google will have to stop paying vendors, and also provide them with various discounts in exchange for mandatory pre-search widget on company device and also the app store and Google Play. Also, the regulator wants to ban American companies to force manufacturers to install other Google apps if this limits their capabilities when using other operating systems running on the Android code base.

Earlier, the European Commission accused Google in that it infringes on the rights of application developers on devices running the Android operating system (owned by Google). A preliminary investigation of the Commission revealed that Google used the advantage in the OS market for mobile devices to strengthen its dominant position in the search market: the company was forced to impose its services to manufacturers and let the pre-application competitors.

the European Commission is investigating Google on the complaint of the companies included in the consortium Fairsearch. In the European investigation involved and “Yandex”, which managed to achieve in Russia a successful antitrust case against Google. “Yandex” has complained to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) that Google discriminare Android. At the end of 2015, the FAS acknowledged that Google is abusing a monopoly position in the market of mobile applications for Android devices and ordered the company to eliminate the violation. Also, the FAS has fined Google to 438 million rubles, or $ 6.7 million.

In Europe, the fines can be much higher. This spring, Reuters wrote that the European Commission could fine Google 10% of revenue for 2015, or $ 7.4 billion.

a Google spokesperson told Reuters that the company is ready to show the European Commission a new model of Android, which supports competition and innovation in Europe. The European Commission representative refused to comment.


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