Thursday, October 27, 2016

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the Main interest in mobile devices on a new platform then showed Linux users, because Android was built on the basis of its nucleus. But for the average user, the system the first generation was not too friendly.

Austere interface, not the most ergonomic controls, some “bugs” with third-party programs, but the extensive customization and configuration for themselves. Note that in the early stages of development, the interface of all smartphones under the control of the new OS was the same. But first the updates were related to the correction of errors due to different hardware.

With each update, Android becomes more convenient for everyday use. It is noteworthy that Google each generation Android calls the names of sweets, for example, “Cupcake” (Cupcake), “Donut” (Doughnut), “Gingerbread” (gingerbread), “Marshmallow” (Marshmallow).

Now the device manufacturers modify the latest version of Android for their upcoming devices. The code is open and no obstacle to the improvements from Google are not. This helps to make compatibility with the components maximum. Manufacturers add their own options and solutions to the interface. Modern Android has become comfortable with out of the box and left the door wide opportunities for personal settings.

for Example – Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge platform 6.0 Marshmallow. The interface takes into account the curve of the screen – there are configurable quick access toolbar to have everything available with a few taps. There is an option “Always on screen” a clock, day of the week, and missed calls always appear on the lock screen. Feature has many settings that can be disabled. The display itself is turned off if the smartphone is in a bag or on the table down the screen to save the battery.

Samsung’s Flagship 2016 year, protected from moisture and dust. Camera 12 MP with aperture of f/1.7 makes clear images even in poor light conditions.

Now, the novelty from Samsung is available as never in chain stores and digital home appliances DNS in installments for 2 years. No down payment and overpayments.

When you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you will get gift glasses virtual reality VR gear, even if buying a smartphone in installments.

for details check with the store Manager, by phone 8 800 770-7999 and on the website


the Organizer is OOO “KTS DNS-Tyumen” (Ekaterinburg, street bitter, d. 65). Installment is a credit facility provided by JSC “Alfa-Bank”.


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