Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seven main functions of the OS Android 7.0 Nougat – L FE.ru!

August 22 Google officially released the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. In total, there more than 250 changes and improvements. Life is about the most interesting and important.

The owners of all devices, regardless of screen size, will be able to work simultaneously in two applications. The screen of the smartphone or tablet at the same time will be divided into two halves. In other words, the user can simultaneously watch the movie and tell your friends from the social network about their experiences.

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Fans revive your posts using Emoji will be happy. Especially the girls. They will find more than a thousand Emoji, among them -. 72 brand new

Good news for gamers: the integration of Vulkan ™ API in the new operating system provides applications direct access to the GPU and makes it easier to distribute the load on multiple threads. This means that games with complex 3D-graphics will almost “fly”. And again, in virtual reality mode, Daydream, as stated on the official website android.com, Android 7 Nougat “will carry you to new worlds.” The main thing – to go back

The updated Doze technology which appeared in Android Marshmallow, become more intelligent. Now Doze will be triggered when the smartphone is in a pocket or a bag holder. In theory (as is in fact, no one yet knows) smartphones to Android 7.0 Nougat will work longer. At least that’s what developers promise.

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Changed notification mode. Now, to answer the other party in the Facebook Messenger, do not need to open the app more. In addition, the simplified notification management: long press on the pop-up notification provides access to settings. So you can disable unnecessary notification to the boring social network Twitter, for example, without having to open the settings.

The Data Saver mode applications running in the background will not expend mobile traffic. As a result, the user will save a little, and mobile operators will receive less money.

Installation of new applications will be faster by 75%, and they – take up less space. For as much as 50%, we have already counted in Techtimes.com. Significant growth was achieved thanks to a new compiler JIT.


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