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Guide to the system utility for Android, Part 1 – (Satire) (press release) (blog)


Guide to the system utility for Android, Part 1

 August 20, 2016 | 20:13

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In this guide we will look at tools for android, which perform diagnostic functions and the optimization of the system and allow you to better understand how to use available resources.

It is possible with a clear skepticism to treat all kinds of optimizers, familiar yet with the “tweaking” of the desktop OS. However, it is undeniable that such applications should always be at hand, as the available Android OS tool does not allow the full, comprehensive information about the processes that perform a number of batch operations, etc.

The main participants in the review:..

  • Assistant for Android
  • System Info for Android
  • Elixir 2

There will also be referred to:

  • DU Battery Saver (Power Doctor)
  • DiskUsage
  • Clean Master
  • ES Task Manager (Task Killer)
  • Advanced Task Manager – Boost

Assistant for Android

Google Play

Assistant for Android – a selection of tools to optimize Android. This toolkit includes 18 basic functions to optimize the system. . Among them – the monitoring, management processes and tasks, removal of unnecessary files, startup manager, Application Manager and other components

displays diagnostic information about the system, it is on the real-time the home page: CPU, RAM, ROM free space on the memory card and internal memory. A number of widgets is appropriate to add to the home screen for quick access to information of interest

In the “Monitoring”, the user can upload the application from RAM (Windows Task Manager) or clean the system of unnecessary data -. Cache temporary files on the system and installed applications , log files, empty files / folders and other “garbage”, the removal of which is harmless effect on the system. In addition, Assistant is offered a list of temporary files on the memory card, sample custom file size, data type, etc.

The following section of the application -.. Process management. Here you can get information about the types of processes (marked with the corresponding label), they occupy memory and the load on the CPU, to track the behavior of certain processes – in the event that there are questions about the problems with system performance. Whereby unnecessary processes can be unloaded from memory.

The third section contains options to optimize the battery consumption device. At the top of the screen – network management, brightness, sound, vibration, and other options (also available through the system of widgets). Below are presented the different service applications that are useful for system optimization: Batch removal / installation software, backup, move apps to SD-card, startup manager, file manager, battery information and system configuration rights. In general, as you can see, there is nothing remarkable here, and the main value of collections – the availability of system functions in the same section

Resume .. Assistant for Android – quite a traditional optimizer for Android with a complex set of functions. He does not introduce anything new in principle, and is just a convenient wrapper for tuning system. Of the main advantages -. A simple interface and no useless marketing supplements, batch operations with applications

System Info for Android

Google Play

Application System Info for Android provides various kinds of service information for the Android OS, which can be useful for further optimization of the system. Consider the main features of this program.

In the system tray available a summary of the occupied space on the cards and memory, RAM, time and network information (IP-address, the type of network connection, etc..). It is very strange that there is no data on the CPU and its load.

In the System tab, all information is presented in a tabular format. It does not apply to the optimization and, at the same time, provides comprehensive information on the Android system, the hardware component as a whole: the operating system, configuration, memory, battery, and other aspects that affect performance

The next section, Tasks. , allows you to view and “kill” unnecessary processes, to obtain information on the CPU and memory utilization. This section is a bit more useful from a practical point of view, but in terms of convenience lags behind similar components in such applications. Sort of stock, but the developer did not provide the color coding for the processes or their categorization. Therefore, control processes, in fact, it is difficult.

In the Apps section contains all the installed applications and system. You can control each individual program, but the batch operation (eg, installation and removal) are absent as such.

Finally, the Logs section can be useful not only to users but also developers who are testing an application and want to remove the debugging information. Logs are updated in real time, you can save the history to a file.

As an option, on the home screen, you can add the widget. The possibilities of its more than modest: it displays information on the battery charge, RAM free memory space and occupied space on the SD-card

Resume .. Thus, System Info for Android app will be useful to ordinary users running in part – to developers. It is rather a tool with an information bias, which allows real-time to track the processes and events in the log. . Useful options optimization related precisely to the setting here is considered the number of

Elixir 2

Google Play

Elixir 2 – utility for system information, device diagnostics and adding the appropriate widgets on the home screen.

Let’s start with the functions that are in similar applications. Section “Information” contains summary information about the device: the available disk space and RAM memory, processor status, battery power, telephony, current location, display and sound mode, camera, external devices, etc.

It should also be noted the additional features available through the context menu. Elixir 2 offers features associated with each selected component. For example, selecting in the menu processor, you can see information about the model, using the battery, change the control CPU. To mount the memory card is available, applications management. Thus, the Elixir offers plenty of comfortable and logical layout-related system functions.

Next, the application should the application manager. This section contains information about installed applications, they occupy space and location. Available enhanced sorting (eg, code size, or cache), there is a text filter. Conveniently, you can enable batch mode and quickly uninstall any unwanted application

One of the most interesting functional features Elixir -. See “Sensors”. Accordingly, it is possible to familiarize with the system data and the consumption of available device sensors on Android. Alternatively, you can manually run tests to check their minimum and peak power.

In the “Journal” shows the contents of the dmesg and logcat file, and you can filter messages (error / warning / information). Elixir reports generated from the system information is easy to send an e-mail.

Finally, it should be noted the variety of widgets. To activate them, you need to install and configure add-on. This and other additions (personal, system, administrator, etc.). Optionally installed through Google Play.

Resume . Elixir 2 – one of the most powerful applications of its category, definitely recommended for installation. It allows you to manage system resources, diagnose the device, system resources. Excellent ability to manage system components, competent group of functions and the availability of all necessary

DU Battery Saver (Power Doctor)

Google Play

DU Battery Saver -. App for the basic system optimization and conserve battery power. There are no fine tuning is not here, it is very simple and is unlikely to be interesting to advanced users.

On the main page ( “Battery”) available information on the current status of the battery. If the device is charging, you can see the time required to fully charge. Furthermore, hence it can remove some of the technical characteristics: temperature, voltage and capacity of the battery. The graph at the bottom of the screen, the user can keep track of how consumed battery power during the day, the level of the battery. From this scale clear, but little practical sense it is less than we would like to get

In the “Save.” – Control of consumption modes. Profiles have a description, so that you can understand, due to what is planned to optimize the phone: calls, SMS, Internet and more. You can create your own profile of a dozen parameters. The users of the paid version Battery Saver is available t. N. “Intelligent” mode:. Disable notifications, application management, avtovygruzka, changing energy consumption profiles during the day

In the tab “Monitor” monitored the energy consumption of applications and equipment. There is clearly quite evident that most discharges the battery, “the culprit” can be disabled

There have applications Battery Saver and other functions, but they are less interesting, plus, as well as other applications of the developer, some of the functions. – especially advertising.


Google Play

If there is insufficient free space on your phone, or rather just find and delete unnecessary files, starting with the largest, in descending order size. DiskUsage – a small system utility that helps to visually and easily determine which files and take up much space on the memory card or other sources

The data is displayed on the diagram in the form of colored blocks, proportional to the space occupied by them.. Clicking on a particular unit, you can see the files within that directory. Thus, it becomes clear where to find the “kidnappers” of disk space

Among the additional features of the application -. DiskUsage integrates with popular file managers such as OI FileManager and Astro

Clean Master <. / h3>

Google Play

One of the most popular tools for accelerating the CPU and memory, and, concurrently, the application manager. It contains several useful modules that help clean the system

So, “Garbage”:. In this section, you can clear the cache and various temporary files that retain the application. In addition, interesting advanced cleaning mode – it allows you to identify duplicates and files which are taking up the most disk space

Section “Acceleration” frees up phone memory by unloading the application in the background.. The “acceleration” can also go to the Startup section, which displays a list of relevant applications, active and disabled from startup

Another useful module Clean Master -. Application manager. Here are the applications in the form of samples: the last set, rarely used, size, and other categories. You can mark multiple items and delete them in batch mode, which is very convenient. In addition, it is possible to backup and delete apk-installer applications

Clean Master pleases informative part on the optimization and allows to be aware of:. Information sessions / released megabytes always displayed at the top of the application. However, visual beauty, animation somewhat slow application, and, paradoxically, the system speed temporarily reduced because of the Clean Master. In addition, the program is replete with additional modules ( antivirus , CM Family, etc.), Which are interesting not all users.

In general, the tweaker Clean Master produces strange impression. Although it contains a number of useful features, heavy interface. And with the lack of resources, it is logical not want to once again supercharge Android.

ES Task Manager (Task Killer)

Google Play

The application of the popular file developers manager ES Explorer. If you go into a description in front of us – a universal app than a simple task manager. ES Task Manager allows you to save battery power, clear the memory device, unload, lock or uninstall unnecessary applications.

In the main section, the Optimize, there are 4 buttons that allow you to perform quick action: unload all of the applications, clean cache memory to optimize and reduce battery consumption

The second management section -. actually “task manager.” Top displays the amount of available memory and battery status, followed by a list of running applications. Through the context menu, you can add the application to eliminate or add to the list for completion.

You can also note the section for energy efficiency. Here you can configure the behavior of Android – to enable or disable network connections, set the options for the screen, vibration and sound. In principle, there are duplicated functions of the standard system widgets.

Some modules, such as “Analyzer SD-card” and “Applications”, available only after installing the file ES Explorer Manager.

Advanced task manager – Boost

Google Play

Advanced task manager – predictable functionality task manager, but a little more comfortable than the standard

From the Home screen task. Manager displays a list of all the applications, information of memory and battery phone. In addition, the same information is duplicated in the system tray, and through the widget. Applications can be noted in the list and massively unload them from memory. In addition, provides for the forced discharge of RAM device, you can create an exception – applications that will not be closed in the forced mode

A number of useful features found in the settings Advanced Task Manager.. First of all, it is the application of choice avtovygruzka:. Immediately after turning off the screen when the application starts, a set interval

Among the shortcomings of the manager – no sorting and detailed information on the utilization of the processor for each application. Also, services can now be managed via the system interface, which is inconvenient.

Guide to the system utility for Android, Part 1

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