Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“Reference» Android-smartphones under the brand Nexus may disappear –

G: the new Nexus

According to the resource Android Centralso, citing sources in the industry, produced for Google Android-smartphones in 2016 its traditional? partner – the Taiwanese company HTC, instead of the usual labeling Nexus will receive «Google» inscription in front and in the center of the back of the device. So far, there are two models with screen diagonals of 5 inches and 5.5 inches, the working title Marlin and Sailfish.

The publication reports on the possibility of the emergence of smart phones with the marking symbol «G», but so far no one can give an exact information on the new labeling, as well as describe the further fate of the brand Nexus.

Six Years of Solitude

The transition to the new branding of Google Android-smartphone will end the six-year history under the brand name Nexus phones. The first smartphone in the lineup in December 2009, manufactured by HTC device was introduced under the name Nexus One, have become the latest released in 2015 models of Nexus 6P and 5X.

Nexus Markings may disappear from Google smartphone

As part of the branding of smartphones and tablets on the Nexus program different times from Google are collaborating industrial partners like Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei.

Google-backgrounds 2016: what’s new

The new smartphones running Google brand, according to Android Central, will be supplied with a package of additional software. In addition, each model will have a modified user interface instead of the standard version of Android.

This is the main difference of new products brand smartphones Nexus, which originally shipped with the base version of Android. Perhaps it is the desire Google to promote their smartphones with additional applications, services and functions hidden reason for not using the brand Nexus in its original incarnation.

Will there be branded tablets and Google smart watch?

Despite the approach of announcements of new products running the new OS Android Nougat, big intrigue is still new Google’s policy for Android-smartphone under its own brand, especially in light of the guidance announced last summer Google «completely new” strategy for the hardware platforms.

so far there is no reliable data about Google plans to release aNY KIND a new tablet models. However, at Android Central is the first, as yet unconfirmed information about Google plans to release before the end of 2016 the two smart Android Wear watches under its own brand.


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