Monday, August 1, 2016

Google accidentally released ahead of schedule 7 Android … – Russian Newspaper

Huawei smartphone owner Nexus 6P, who lives in Argentina, was able to get its update to Android device Nougat 7 operating system. At the same time, he said, the new firmware is not intended for developers, as in the description of it is not a word, writes

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According to the surprised user, his unit was installed an update of about 50 megabytes. He decided that we are talking about the latest an update for Android 6 Marshmallow, however, the opening section of the settings, found that the operating system version is changed from the sixth to the seventh.

Apparently, the update has got a smartphone Argentine resulting error. Get a reference to the owner of the distribution of the updated gadget failed.

The large-scale spread of Android 7, according to Google’s plans to begin in August.


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