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Sailed. iOS recognized less stable than Android –

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Over the years, iPhone existence has even far from the world of technology We remember that iOS operating reliable and stable Android. However, the smart phone market is not standing still, in Google constantly improve its mobile operating system, and manufacturers have learned to optimize the “iron”. As a result, Android-smartphone, according to analysts, were stable iPhone

Quickly recount findings Blanco Technology Group shall not:. Better see what the experts mean by “reliable,” and it all bad really .

iPhone and several models of Android-smartphone compared the so-called “failures.” These researchers attributed the problems with Wi-Fi, cellular network reception, battery, operation of the device as a whole and … “drop” applications. Needless to say, that to compare smart phones on the latter point is inappropriate: often programs “fall” through no fault of the manufacturer, and the fault of the developer who has done something wrong in your application

As a result, analysts have taken out. verdict – half investigated iOS-devices they “fell” applications, while Android – only a quarter of the smartphone. The most interesting thing which applications were unreliable on iOS – Snapchat (17% failures), Instagram (14% failures), Facebook (9% of failures). And on Android? Services Google the Play (12%), sync Google contacts (5%), Address Book (5%).

As you can see on Android inoperative proved it “native” applications, while running on iOS firmware stable.

Let’s go further. According to the aggregate indicator iOS crashes showed the result of 58%, Android – 35%. Among the iPhone the most “problem” was the iPhone 6, among smartphones on Android – Samsung device. Interestingly, if the majority of iOS problems with Wi-Fi, some weaknesses were Android camera and battery.



at the end of the report the experts themselves have noted that many of the errors occur due to incorrect actions of the users themselves, in effect substituting its investigation under attack. So, to say unequivocally that iOS «buggy” more than Android, you can not. And you know very well how the iPhone and how they behave on smartphones Android.


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