Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Google released Duo, minimalistic video chat for iOS and Android – BBC News

Google, the Company issued another communication product – Duo app for video calls on smartphones with Android and iOS. NEW shown in I / O conference in May, has three key features: concise design, reliable communication and two-way encryption. The program is now available for download on Android-how, as well as of iOS-devices.

Duo is an application for video chat tete-a-tete, like FaceTime on of iOS-devices. His design to the limit is simple – in the application switching is not even provided with the smartphone’s front-facing camera on the principal of group chats are also out of the question . By running the program, the user will see a single button “Video Call”, clicking on which you can immediately make a call by the interlocutor from the contact list.

After installing the Duo is ready for use. Instead of going through the registration process and start a new account, specify the phone number is enough. A Google Account, to which are attached the vast majority of products search engine, is generally not used. Through the application of various technologies (manual tuning and optimization of the codecs, bandwidth metering, etc.) Google promises users Duo provide a very high quality of communication. The program automatically adjusts the network settings if the connection is bad, it will reduce the picture quality to the connection will not be interrupted and will automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile Internet

In our testing (call from iPhone to Android-smartphone. ) transition from Wi-Fi to LTE really happened “seamlessly”, but after a couple minutes of your network settings somehow deteriorated (though still showed LTE indicator to the average signal strength) and the application to disable the video stream. But the sound is transmitted without any problems.

not all users are used to communicate by video. The company felt that the understanding of the context is very important, and introduced FaceTime competitor special feature – “tuk-tuk” (Knock Knock), which allows you to see the interlocutor before making a call. Looking at the video (up to 30 seconds), you can find out where and what kind of mood is a different user, and decide whether or not to accept his challenge.

However, the function works only for calls between Android-devices or iPhone to Android. But iPhone owners face when the caller of the incoming call will not see – iOS does not allow third party applications to display information on the screen of the smartphone is locked.

Finally, Duo encrypts all video calls in duplex mode. Encryption from one end to the other ensures that only the conversation will only see the caller and receiving call people, and no one else, even the Google

Two questions arise in connection with the launch of Duo -. Why Google has a video chat besides Hangouts and why the company decided that the market individual videsvyazi, which already has a popular cross-platform solutions such as Skype or Facebook Messenger, need another party. The first question is the company’s representatives respond that Hangouts will gradually reposition as business solutions. On the second one can assume that the main target of the search engine service was minimalistic Apple FaceTime. Here are just epplovsky chat integrated with iMessage, available not only on mobile but also on Macs, and in general is closely integrated into the ecosystem. A Duo on Google as there is in itself

Source:. Duo (Google Play, iTunes)

 Prepared by Oleg Ilyukhin, with the participation of Nikolay Belkin


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