Sunday, August 14, 2016

Google will replace Android – Russian Newspaper

Google Inc. began work on a new operating system, which in the future will replace the Android platform and Chrome OS. The system is called Fuchsia. Official statements about the start of work on the new OSes in Google did not do, however, detailed information about the project is available on the popular website for GitHub developers, writes The Next Web.

The operating system will run on the new Magenta core, which is focused on interaction with gadgets of the “Internet of things”. Thus, we can assume that the device on the basis of Fuchsia will be more closely linked to the objects that make up a “smart house”. Magenta kernel as clarifies the issue, including intended for smartphones and computers – unlike competing products

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it is also noted that the user interface of the system will be implemented in the Material Design style – the same used in the current version of Android 6 Marshmallow. In addition, initially Fuchsia is an open source system, access to which will be able to get any developer.

Recall that among the developments already have a Google solution for “internet of things”. It’s a smart Internet router OnHub, as well as Google Home column is connected to the web and recognizes voice commands.


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