Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Through MMS was possible to break almost any Android-smartphone – N + 1

Image: Zimperium zLabs

The company Zimperium, specializing in information security of mobile devices, has published a report according to which 95 percent of all devices running the Android operating system vulnerable to a critical vulnerability in a library Stagefright

Experts Zimperium zLabs already called this the biggest vulnerability of all in the history of the platform Android. At the same time, in order to exploit the vulnerability in the library Stagefright, only need to know the phone number of the victim and simply send the unit a special MMS-message. According to experts, then an attacker could take complete control of the device without any action by the user. The company estimates that vulnerability affects about 950 million units, with the greatest risk are the owners of gadgets running Android version Jelly Bean.

Zimperium reported vulnerabilities in Google, and even provided a patch, then Android Security Team I add them to the versions of the OS distributions. However, experts say zLabs, such updates will apply only to devices manufactured by Google, because most of the other companies that manufacture mobile devices for Android, use their own operating system modifications. Thus it is not possible to predict the timing to eliminate the vulnerability for all smartphones and tablets running Android.

More information about the vulnerability will be presented by experts Zimperium zLabs at conferences on information security Black Hat USA and DEF CON 23 which will be held 5 and 7 August, respectively.


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