Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MMS-affected vulnerable billion Android-smartphone – BBC News

Security experts have discovered in the mobile operating system Android “extremely dangerous” error associated with the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). It allows attackers to gain control over the device by sending a “bad” MMS-message with an attached image or melody.

The vulnerability is about a billion Android-smartphone, the experts warned us Zimpherium, calling them found a “hole” in the platform Google one of the most dangerous to date. Internet search engines have issued a “patch”, but millions of devices around the world (even new ones) using the version of Android 2.2 or higher, are still vulnerable.

The most rapid update got smart phones and tablets in a series of Nexus who work on “pure” Android and receive updates directly from Google. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of manufacturers and mobile operators updated its own devices, and the time depends on the model and regions. If you receive notification of available updates on your Android-device, it is recommended to install as soon as possible.

The flaw in the security system Android allows an attacker to put a message to any MMS-malicious code that activates the service Stagefright, built-in . At the same time the victim is not required to take any action – the user only has to read “ememesku” to catch.

After the service Stagefright running, the hacker can “get access to all content on the device and its resources, such as the camera,” he said. For more information about the vulnerability will be unveiled at the conference Black Hat, which will be held in Las Vegas next week.

Source: BBC


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