Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Microsoft released a separate emulator Android –


Microsoft not only has released the final version of Visual Studio 2015, but version 1.0 introduced a separate emulator Android, operating without installing the entire studio on your computer.

Despite the name, Visual Studio Emulator for Android does not require Visual Studio, and the emulator requires only Windows 8 or higher, and technology support Hyper-V.

Visual Studio Emulator for Android by default goes to complete with Android KitKat, and modes of tablets and smartphones. You can also download other versions of the system, and other devices.

The emulator supports the work with a variety of sensors. GPS can specify any coordinates on the map Bing, or even to ask several points and speed, simulating the movement.

camera smartphone can slip the files with the images or animations, as well as the flow of the real web camera computer. You can also specify the orientation of the device in space, including the simulation of shaking, and set the battery level and charge status.

In the emulator has support for SD cards and a computer, you can specify any folders you will see Android as an attached card memory.

The only major drawback of Visual Studio Emulator for Android is the lack of support for Google Play, although the applications can be installed from the APK file.


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