Saturday, July 25, 2015

Millions of Android smartphones on the dangerous virus has infected – to Pravda.Ru – to Pravda.Ru


Source photos: photo archive of PRAVDA.Ru.

A malicious program is distributed under the name KKBrowser. Directly from the store downloaded it from some 100 500 thousand times, but this number should be added the Chinese collections of software, which also spread the virus: the result is that a dangerous Trojan downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

The virus is called Android.DownLoader.171.origin. On the infected phone he performs the functions of a Trojan downloader and adware applications. Immediately after being hit on the smartphone malware without the user can install any applications that will indicate the attackers. In addition, the Trojan can also silently remove the program from the phone owner.

Also, the virus is able to forge e-mail notifications from: they may appear in the notification window, but when you click on them by spread to the specified site scams. In addition, the malware sends attackers all the data about the infected device (OS version, language localization, model, screen resolution, IMEI and others).

a dangerous virus is not the first time infecting Android. In early 2015 the dangerous virus anti-virus company has warned users of Avast. Then the hazardous ingredients were registered in applications “fool”, “IQ-Test” and “History of Russia”, which are currently removed from Google Play.

All of these programs have a high rating in the digital store, so they download version had infected more than 10 million users.

Employees antivirus company to alert the user that the harmful utility manifest a few days after loading the application, notify the virus, and then offering to download a “safe” software, which becomes the spyware, which immediately blocked the phones, stole personal information and sent an SMS to premium numbers.

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