Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ICQ has found differences between the users of iOS and Android – Ferra

The team messenger ICQ figured out how to use the messenger owners of iPhone and Android-smartphone: what devices pose ICQ, any wallpaper and stickers choose how often the call by video link. Differences between iOS and Android users were more than similarities.

The most popular iOS-smartphone among users of ICQ has become iPhone 5s. The second and third positions were placed iPhone 4s and iPhone 6. ICQ users on Android smartphones Samsung fans turned out line Galaxy: often they use Samsung Galaxy S3, in second place Samsung Galaxy S4. Troika closes Motorola Moto G XT1033 Claro Dual.

In the matter of choice stickers owners iOS- and Android-devices in solidarity: the most popular stickers appeared on a romantic theme. At the same time with the iOS-devices often send sticker with a kiss, and Android users prefer bouquets.

As in a “camp”, and in other wallpaper default left a few percent of users: it speaks of the importance of the visual registration of messenger. But the sources for the new wallpapers are markedly different. Android users have a big “individualists” – they are more likely to choose a new background from your own photo galleries, than the owners of the iPhone and iPad (16% versus 2%). The rest use the library of backgrounds that offers ICQ.

To make a call Android- and iOS-ICQ users could be coming in different ways. Owners of iOS-devices with approximately equal frequency call for voice and video (52% and 48%, respectively). In turn, the Android users 62% prefer to see the interlocutor; to voice calls, they use significantly less (38%).

Most of the calls made through ICQ Wi-Fi. Android users a little more often users iOS (28% vs. 23%) call through 3G. But the owners of smartphones with iOS is more than recoup the expense of LTE: they are three times more likely to use to communicate the new generation network.


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